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Organisateur de jouets de baignoire en caoutchouc synthétique ld00632

Organisateur de jouets de bain

Point No: ld00632

Taille: 36 * 38cm

Emballage: 1 pièce / sac en plastique + insert couleur

Boîte d'emballage: 24

Taille de la boîte principale: 40 * 38 * 30

Matériau: 100% caoutchouc synthétique + 100% Polyester + ventouse

Demande de devis

Organisateur de jouets de baignoire en caoutchouc synthétique - United House

China Mesh Laundry Bags factory



Mesh bags protect your garments from tangling, snagging, or pulling in washer or dryer. While also minimizing the chance of colors bleeding into each other. Pefect for organizing your clothes when packing for a trip.



Made of strong, long lasting polypropylene nylon. Soap and water flow easily through the mesh for optimal cleaning.



When you arecamping and traveling with friends, you can easily separate yours and yourfriends' clothes with travel laundry bags. When you share a washing machinewith your roommate, you can easily identify your clothes with a washing machinewash bags. It can be used for storage as well to sort your clothes in anorganised way in wardrobe. It is also a great helper for house moving. Travel laundry bag.

Union Home Laundry Bags


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