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Cube de stockage d'impression pliant so04030

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Point No: so04030

Taille: 30 * 30 * 30cm

Emballage: 1 pièce / sac fendu + insert couleur

Boîtes d'emballage: 12

Taille de la boîte principale: 32 * 32 * 23

Matériaux:  Toile + 80g non tissé + 1,8mm carton

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Collapse Print Storage Cube - Union Home

China Adult Closet Storage manufacturer



These soft storage organizer bins keep closet clutter under control by storing all of your clothing and accessories in one convenient place; Store and organize socks, shoes, sandals, sports bras, workout gear, leggings, yoga pants, sweaters, t shirts, athletic gear, shoes, blankets, linens, scarves and pashmina.



Fold away or collapse flat under bed or in closet or for college dorm room essentials for guys for girls for boys when not in use.

Union Home Closet Storage


Union Home is a professional Home storage suppliers, Home storage products OEM, products include: Home storage, Storage Organizer, Storage Racks, Storage Stool, etc.


Union Home is a Foldable printing storage cube company that specializes in design, development, after-sales storage racks, storage organizer, storage items for the home, and laundry storage racks. Low price, many styles, relatively rich product types. Welcome to the email to understand related issues, thank you.

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